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"42" has possibly been our best bull.  He is a "Karu" son we purchased from Kallion Farms back in 2007.  He and his mate "606", another Karu son, probably have as many good daughters and sons in our herd than any other bulls we are breeding right now.  It takes a heck of a bull to produce a herd sire and "42" has sired some good 'uns we are using right now.

"210/2" is probably our best "42" son.  Born in the 2012 calf crop, his unique color pattern and his excellent confirmation and moderate sheath make this "Karu" grandson one of our favorites.  Currently in use in the Middle North pasture of the QSR on thirty-seven 2012 model cows.

"226/2" is another "42" son we really like. His mama is a "Hoss" daughter.  "Hoss" was an R. W. Dirks bull sired by his Hudgins herd bull we picked from his calf crop way back when we started our Brahman herd.  He was an extremely aggressive breeder and covered 54 out of 54 cows one season.  Since we value fertility so much we're really glad to see a "Hoss" pedigree pop up on a Herd Bull we raised and are using.  Currently in use on the Pajarito Ranch on twenty-six 2010 model cows and four 2011 model cows for a total of 30 head in this breeding group.

"222/3" is a good "681" son we raised who's dam is a "Karu" granddaughter sired by "606", one of our two favorite "Karu" sons.  Very aggressive breeder.  He bred every single heifer he was exposed to in 2015 and then bred every single one of them in 2016 for their 2nd calves!  We're very proud of him!

"RB 104/9" is a Rodolfo Bazan bull sired by a Madison son and out of a Liberty granddaughter. Another very aggressive breeder that bred 100% of the cattle he was exposed to last year.

"309/9" is another "681" son we raised in 2009.  We have been using him a good 4 years and are very pleased with his progeny.  Tremendous muscle mass and excellent feed efficiency. Currently in use on a good set of thirty-three 2009 model cows in the Sand Hills pasture of the QSR. 

"119/9" is another "681" son we raised that has been in use in our herd for 4 or 5 years.  Very reliable breeder.  He had one of the most uniform calf crops of 2016.  Great feed efficiency, strong top line and  impressive muscling.  His confirmation and beautiful color pattern make him one of our favorites.  Currently in use on the Pajarito Ranch on twenty four 2010 model cows and six 2011 model cows for a total of 30 cows.

"401/2" is a "606" son out of a "42" daughter.  You talk about Royally bred!  His daddy is a "Karu" son and his mama is a "Karu" grandaughter.  Double bred Karu!  We weaned a top notch calf crop last year sired by him and he went back on the same herd this year.  We love his smooth muscle pattern and attractive breed character.  Currently in use on the Pluger Ranch, one of our grass leases on the San Miguel Creek in Atascosa County.  We have him on twenty-six 2013 model cows and six 2012 model cows for a total of 32 head. 

"837" is a beautiful Liberty grandson we acquired from Kallion Farms back in 2010.  His sire is "562" by Liberty and his dam is Madison & Datapack bred.  We sold him in 2012 to Brian Hickman and re-acquired him in 2015.  We have been using him off and on and are pleased with his progeny.  Currently in use in the "Smith" pasture of the QSR on thirty-one (31) 2008 model cows.

"262/4" is probably the best bull we raised out of our 2014 calf crop.  Out of a first calf heifer, his sire was "874" (by JDH 562 by Liberty), a Kallion Farms bull we acquired in 2010.  His dam is a "606" daughter making him a "Karu" great-grandson.  We bred a good set of 2014 heifers to him in 2016.  They are calving now and he is back on the same heifers currently in the #1 pasture of the John J. Harkins Ranch near Blanconia, Texas west of Refugio.

"277/4" is another "681" (by JDH 562 by Liberty) son out of a "RWD 590" (Hoss) daughter.  We used this good youngster on a set of twenty-three 2014 model heifers in the #4 pasture of the John J. Harkins Ranch near Blanconia, Texas west of Refugio.  They are calving now and the babies sure look good.  We selected him for use on 29 of our very best 2017 model heifers as of June 23, 2017.

"254/4" is a "606" (by "Karu") son out of a "425" (by V8 189) daughter we really liked.  Our best set of 2014 model heifers are calving to him now in the "Gato" pasture of the "Kenney", one of our family ranches in Atascosa county, Texas 15 miles south of Charlotte.  Currently in use on the same set of heifers calving to him now.

"238/4" is another one of our outstanding 2014 calves we selected for use in one of our breeding groups.  His sire is "711", a "V8 189" son.  His dam is a cow we raised whose sire is a Joe Ward bull (#246) we used for a couple of seasons.  He replaced "121/9" a great "42" son we lost in 2016.  Tough shoes to fill (look below)!  Currently in use on the Pajarito Ranch.  He has his work cut out for him - we have him with 40 of some of our best 2011 model cows for the 2nd season (2017) in a row.

"121/9" was another great "42" son we used several years.  From the time he was a baby he looked like a herd bull!  Tremendous bone, muscling, and breed character.  A very masculine, attractive bull with a beautiful color pattern.  Unfortunately, we apparently lost this bull somehow during a big rain on the Pajarito the Spring of 2016.  He just disappeared.  We presumed he got caught somehow in high water crossing a creek and didn't make it out.  We replaced him with 238/4.

"681" was a Kallion Farms bull sired by "JDH 562" by the great "Liberty", both International Champions.  Shown here as a 2 year old, we got many years of service out of this bull.  He was very prolific and we used him 8 years.  Some of our best cows are his daughters and he has sired several herd bulls we are currently using.

"RWD 590" was a herd bull we picked out of the R. W. Dirks herd back in 2003 to start our Brahman herd with.  He was a JDH bred bull out of an Elephante daughter.  He was an extremely aggressive breeder and settled 54 out of 54 cows one year!  We used him a good 9 or 10 years.  His disposition, fertility, and smooth muscle pattern is evident throughout many of our pedigrees.