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All of the cattle listed are cake-broke and easy to handle, NO EXCEPTIONS. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle ALL of our cattle with a minimum of labor and stress. All of our cattle are penned horseback at a walk slow and easy ----usually with just two hands. We routinely feed cake to rotate pastures and monitor health.

Our headquarters is the Tesoro Ranch near Beeville, Texas. We also own ranches in Bee, Duval, McLennan, and Atascosa Counties. We also have cattle operations in Guadalupe, Gonzales, Real, Refugio, and Chambers Counties. All cows are cosmetically dehorned and individually aged and charted by our veterinarians. They are also given a complete health work up to include Ivomec plus worming, lepto-vibrio, 8-way, and tick, fly, & lice control. We also teach any cattle we acquire to come to cake and handle horseback. All calves of age are "worked" to include 8-way, Cynovex-C, Ivomec plus worming, and fly control. We also scoop the horns and ear tag them - no earmarks. All male calves are castrated (knife cut). Whenever possible we also tag each calf with the same number as the mama.

Unless otherwise stated in the description, we own 100% of the cattle listed. We are not brokers by trade. However, we have an extensive network of associates and have the ability to locate cattle that we do not currently have in inventory.

We are in the process of updating our private treaty listings with photos, videos, counts, locations, & descriptions. They are numerous & excellent quality including:

Commercial Brahman pairs, breds, & opens

300 head of 4 year old F-1 Braford pairs & breds. Calves by Brahman Bulls.

100 head of 3 year old F-1 Braford cows coming with their 2nd calves by Brahman bulls

SOLD - 8-9 year old F-1 Braford Pairs & Breds. Calves by Brangus Bulls

60 head of 5-6 year old F-1 Braford Pairs & Breds. Calves by Brahman Bulls

42 F-1 Braford Open Heifers

30 head of 3 year old Brangus Cross Cows bred to Brahman Bulls to have their 2nd calves

40 F-1 Braford heifers bred to Registered Brahman bulls


14 Brahman open heifers ready for bulls. All cosmetically dehorned, calfhood vaccinated and gentle.

Photos taken September 24, 2019.


47 True F-1 Braford 3 year old second calf pairs with fully worked Brahman sired calves at side and exposed back the same way. These 3/4 Brahman heifer calves are excellent for replacements.

Located in the Dogleg pasture of the Rag section of the Quien Sabe Ranch (QSR) near Seguin, Texas.

Photos & video taken August 20, 2019.


75 Four year old 1-iron Brangus cows. 60 calves at side. 10 or 12 are small babies, balance will weigh 275-325. Should be quite a few Three-in-Ones. These cows have been together all their lives and are all the same age. Very gentle and fertile.


36 Young Grey Brahman pairs 2-6 years old. The calves are fully worked to include 8-way, wormed for intestinal parasites, castrated, Triangle 5, and eartagged to the mamas. Exposed back to Registered Brahman bulls. Should be quite a few bred back 3-in-1’s.
All cosmetically dehorned, handpicked, fully wormed, and individuality aged by our vet. Average age is 4.5. Broke to a horn and will come to the cake wagon. Born, bred, & raised in South Texas.

Photos & videos taken July 11, 2019. Located in Refugio County near Blanconia, Texas.

35 Young Grey Brahman cows bred to calve this Fall.  Most are bred to Brahman and Hereford bulls.  All cosmetically dehorned, handpicked, fully wormed, and individuality aged by our vet.  Average age is 4.5.  Broke to a horn and will come to the cake wagon.  Born, bred, & raised in South Texas.  Photos & videos taken July 11, 2019.  Located in Refugio County near Blanconia, Texas.



70 Young F-1 Braford cows with Brahman sired calves at side.  These cattle are all coming 4 year olds with their 3rd calves at side.  Most are calved out as of 4-16-19.  We fully worked (knife cut, implanted, wormed, Triangle 5, & 8-way) 37 calves on April 16, 2019.  Great disposition on these cattle.  Handle good horseback and will come a-running to the feed truck.  We raised many of these and purchased the balance from local Brahman (bred their cows to Hereford bulls) and Hereford (bred their cows to Brahman bulls) breeders when they were calves.  All are cosmetically dehorned.

We bred these to some of our best Brahman bulls to get those good 3/4 heifers as replacements.  Running back with the same Brahman bulls. 

Located on one of our family ranches, “The Kenney”, in lower Atascosa county.


Video   Video   Video
Photos taken 6/1/2019

32 good, young Crossbred cows 3-6 years old. 20 have fully worked Brangus sired calves at side and the balance should be bred. The pairs are exposed back the same way & many will be bred back. All dehorned and very gentle. Located in the Chuparosa pasture of the Pajarito ranch in Wilson County near Gillet, Texas west southwest of Nixon.

Photos & video taken April 9, 2019.


45 Registered Brahman cows with fully worked Golden Certified F-1 Braford calves at side. Most of these cows are 9-10 years old with lots of life left in them. All cosmetically dehorned, Great dispositions and exposed back to a superb Case Ranch Hereford bull that is out of this world! Should be lots of Three-in-Ones bred back.

Located in the Huilota pasture of the Pajarito Ranch.

Photos & video taken April 20, 2019.

NOTE: Calves have been weaned and cows will sell pregnant to have Golden Certified F-1 calves. A few have already calved out.

90 Grey Brahman cows with Certified F-1 babies at side. All but 30 or 40 are calved out with new babies hitting the ground every day. About 70 of these are 3rd calf 4 year olds and the balance will be 4-6 year olds. All cosmetically dehorned and exposed back to some superb Case Ranch Hereford bulls. All the older calves have been fully worked. These cattle handle beautifully horseback and will literally run to the horn. You won’t find many better. Located on the Lucas Creek Ranch near McCoy, Texas.

Photos taken July 24, 2019.




55 First calf heifer pairs with Angus-sired babies at side. These heifers calved out near Beaumont in one of the toughest, wettest years we had over there. It was so wet it was impossible to get supplement to them and they pulled mud for 4 months. We moved them back to South Texas on April 23rd. We wormed the cows, gave them all their shots, fully worked the babies, and put them on lush pasture. They have made a miraculous turnaround. All cycling back to our Registered Brahman bulls for their 2nd calves. Most will be F-1 Brafords but there will also be some good Brangus cross heifers we raised in the group. Very gentle and cosmetically dehorned.

Located on the Quien Sabe Ranch near Nixon, Texas.

Photos taken May 6, 2019.


70 head of our home-grown Brangus cross heifers bred to some of our best Registered Brahman bulls. We raised all of these and they raised a whopping set of calves last year. These beautiful coming 3 year olds are out of our F-1 Braford cows sired by some of our best Brangus bulls. Very gentle and all calfhood vaccinates. Photos & videos taken May 10th, 2019.

Located in the Carpentero pasture of the Pajarito Ranch, near Gillet, Texas, south of Nixon.


39 F-1 Braford pairs with fully worked Brangus-sired calves at side. These cows are 7-9 years old and are raising the best calves of their lives. We put our very best Brangus bulls back on them so many will be bred back. We will sell these cows as pairs or contract them back as bred cows when we pull the babies off.

Located on our McGregor Ranch near Waco, Texas on lush fertilized improved pasture.

Photos & videos taken May 4, 2019 near Nixon before they were moved to McGregor.


35 True F-1 Braford pairs with big, fully worked Brangus-sired calves at side. These good, fertile cows are running back with some of our best Registered Brangus bulls. The calves are getting big so there more than likely will be many Three-in-One packages.

These cows are 6-9 years old and are raising the best calves of their lives.

Lots of Life left in them!

Photos taken August 1, 2019.




40 Coming 4 year old F-1 Braford pairs with calves sired by some of our best Registered Brahman bulls. The calves are gorgeous! The 3/4 Brahman heifers will make some superb replacements for the Gulf Coast!

Located on the “Glass” pasture in the East Section of the Quien Sabe Ranch (QSR), our 11,000 acre grass lease in Gonzales and Guadalupe Counties.

Photos and videos taken May 25, 2019.

Video   Video

30 Brangus cross coming three year old young cows we raised out of our F-1 Braford cows and Registered Brangus Bulls. Bred to have their 2nd calves this Fall to our Registered Brahman bulls. 6 head still have their fully worked first calves at side by Brangus bulls and bred back for their 2nd calves to Brahman bulls. 2 have new babies at side. All, including the 6 pair, will calve October-January. Very gentle horseback and will come to cake. One raising, 1 iron cattle weighing 1200.

Located in the “Nido” (pronounced “Nee-though”) pasture on the Pajarito Ranch near Pandora, Texas in Wilson County.

Photos taken June 1, 2019.